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Killer Whales attack Great White Sharks in Western Cape

For several weeks we have all been wondered what’s happened to the Great White Sharks.  Our guests love going cage diving at Gansbaai, and as Hermanus is only 40 minutes from where the action is, we are used to booking many trips for our guests.  Its  great to hear their stories when they return, and a bigger  when they forward me their photos and tell me to use them for social media.  However, the past month or so has seen not only a decline in sharks – but they seem to have just disappeared!   Now the mystery has been revealed.  ORCA’s!!  Yep Killer whales in our ocean have scared them away.  Earlier this month a 4.9 female shark was washed up (dead) and her liver completely eaten away!  Marine biologist, Allison Towner says this is the fifth white shark carcass and the largest to wash up in Gansbaai since 2012.  Lets hope there wont be too many more – although I guess Orca’s need to eat too!Great White SharkDid you know that although called “Whales” the Orca is actually a member of the “Dolphin”family!”Feeding time at the zoo!Funny thing was… our guests were on one of the first “non shark sighting” trips a month or so ago… They were gutted that they “only saw an ORCA”!  Wow – I don’t think they know just how fortunate they were!  Why are the Orca’s here anyway – I do’nt think they usually are??  Don’t they live nearer to USA and Canada mainly?  I guess everyone needs a holiday! haha.  :)